About the Company

"SHUPER" water equipment has been produced in Russia since 2011.

The company lineup includes:

  • motor twin-hull boats - double-hulled boats for hunting, fishing, family boat trips, and commercial vessels;
  • boats for professional fishing and a comfortable acquatic recreation;
  • gasoline and electric motor boats;
  • floating facilities and houses. 

The concept of "SHUPER" water equipment based on the engineering developments of the company provides high stability, excellent performance and ease of passenger accommodation on board.

To develop advanced models of water equipment, the company attracts leading European and Russian experts and specialists.

The design of electric boats has been worked out by German specialists.

The concept of professional fishing motor boats was developed and implemented under the leadership of experts of the Alexei Chernushenko's Club of Fishing Trips.


Innovative motor twin-hull boats, motor cruisers, unique floating houses and facilities are the results of tremendous work of the company's engineers who have passed through the mill of the Soviet Defense Industry.

All products are manufactured at the company's own production facilities in the Vladimir region. Production of the "SHUPER" water equipment involves the latest technologies and composite materials from the best manufacturers.

Modern flexible manufacturing allows the latest developments and the most daring and non-standard ideas to be quickly implemented at the highest quality level. The "SHUPER" water equipment embodies the most stringent safety requirements in the Russian waters.

ASTER Company LLC (trade mark SHUPER) is proud of its innovative ideas and developments in the field of creating small vessels and is one of the leaders in this segment of water-motor equipment market.

Today, "SHUPER" water equipment is supplied to, and successfully operated in various regions of Russia and abroad!

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About the Company

The concept of SHUPER water equimpent, which is behind the entire company's
engineering development, provides for its excellent performance, high
stability and passengers comfort onboard.

To develop advanced models of water equipment, the company attracts leading European and Russian experts and specialists.

Watercraft design and developments task is not to make a replica of an
existing model, but to create a brand-new, innovative product by employing
state-of-the-art technologies and materials.