Motor twin-hull boat


8 *

Length of the twin-hull boat

2,5 *

Width of the twin-hull boat

2x100-150 *

Allowable power

9 *

Passenger capacity (persons)


Hull length: 8 m

Hull width: 2,5 m

Draught: 0,5 m

Weight of the vessel complete with an outboard motor: 2050 kg

Engine power: 2x100-150 HP

Fuel capacity: 2x380 l

Cruise speed: 65 km/h

Passenger capacity: 9 persons

Navigation area: difficulty IV category III

It is the best option for those who wish to make their recreation unforgettable: go on a romantic trip, or organize a small party on the water.

Good ergonomics of the control and significant fuel tank capacity allow easily going long distances.

The twin-hull boat is equipped a Hi-Fi music center, a bio-toilet, and other necessary things. The area of the twin-hull boat deck space is comparable to the area of a 12-meter long motor yacht.

In vessel production and decoration, materials and components from the best world's manufacturers are used.

Safety, comfort, and speed are the main criteria this motor twin-hull boat was created with.


The shallow draft of the twin-hull boat makes it easy to go on the shallow water and in the coastal zone, to touch unequipped shore (pebble, stone, sand), and not to be afraid of accidental obstacles in and under the water.

The twin-hull boat dimensions (8.0x2.5 m) allow its transportation on public roads without special permission and escort.


Floats of the twin-hull boat are made of durable and lightweight composite and divided into compartments. If even 2 compartments are damaged, the ship retains buoyancy and can reach the shore on its own. The keel part of the hull is protected by a special aluminum profile. Like other SHUPER twin-hull boats, the Explorer twin-hull boat differs from single-hull analogs by enhanced stability and stable floating on waves.

Trim level
  • The twin-hull boat hull assembly
  • Bimini top complete with arches and fittings
  • Guard railing around the perimeter of the boards
  • Removable roof assembly with racks and the awning
  • Radar arch
  • Aft gangway
  • Universal gangway ladder
  • Fender guard (PVC) around the perimeter of the vessel
  • Windshield on the control panel
  • 4 cleats
  • 2 towing pads in the deck
  • Two 340 liter fuel tanks
  • Keel protection of aluminum alloy
  • Control panel assembly
  • Steering wheel
  • Electric power steering
  • Audio system + (4 speakers)
  • Running lights (2 side, 1 aft)
  • Parking light on the radar arch
  • Cockpit illumination
  • Automatic pump - 2 pcs.
  • 12 Volt sockets - 4 pcs (2 on the control panel and 2 in the cockpit)
  • Horn - 2 pcs.
  • Boarding lights
  • Underwater aft illumination
  • Dashboard
  • Electronic speedometer with GPS - 1 pc.
  • Electronic tachometer - 2pcs.
  • Fuel level sensor - 2pcs.
  • Voltmeter - 2 pcs.
  • Trim indicator - 2pcs.
  • Depth gauge
  • Compass
  • Active Trim
  • Electronic forward and reverse control
  • Fuse panel with the master switch
  • Ignition switch - 2pcs.
  • Swimming ladder
  • Soft double seat locker for the shipdriver
  • 1 anchor locker in the bow
  • 2 bulk lockers on port and starboard sides
  • 3 locker sofas with soft upholstered seats
  • 1 upholstered locker seat (aft pedestal)
  • Niches for drinks (8 bottles)
  • Removable carpet on the deck
  • Fitted with two  Mercury F150 Verado engines
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