Motor twin-hull boat


6,10 *

Length of the twin-hull boat

2,5 *

Width of the twin-hull boat

60-115 *

Allowable power

5 *

Passenger capacity (persons)


Hull length: 6,10 m

Hull width: 2,5 m

Draught: 0,35 m

Weight of the vessel complete with an outboard motor: 1065 kg

Engine power: 60-115 HP

Fuel capacity: 130 l

Cruise speed: 42 km/h

Passenger capacity: 5 persons

Navigation area: difficulty IV category III


The Weekender twin-hull boat features shallow draft, large area of the deck space, excellent stability that minimizes the discomfort from slamming. The use of modern composite materials makes the hull very strong and the unusual design attracts attention.


The twin-hull boat dimensions allow its transportation on public roads without special permission and escort.


The deck space area is comparable to the area of a 7-8 meter long motor boat. Despite the small size of the vessel, it can comfortably accommodate five persons. The lockers have enough space for luggage, and the deck space allows placing a portable refrigerator with food and drinks. The special anti-skid coating makes moving around comfortable and safe even on wet deck.


Shallow draft and relatively light weight make it easy to overcome the shallows and the reeds. The vessel design makes it possible to easily reach almost any bank, and easily leave it.


The twin-hull boat unsinkability is ensured by 4 independent sealed sections in the floats that are reinforced along the keel with a special aluminum profile, which protects from possible collisions with the underwater obstacles, and allows the vessel to safely get to any shore. The twin-hull design of the vessel ensures longitudinal and lateral stability and minimizes pitching and rolling. Virtually no slamming is felt when moving on the wave.

Trim level
  • Hull
  • Aluminum transom
  • 130 liters fuel tank
  • 5 transportation eyebolts
  • No-skid Marideck
  • marine deck coating
  • Bimini top complete with arches and fittings
  • Transport case
  • Guard railing around the perimeter of the boards
  • Special wide fender
  • guard around the perimeter of the vessel
  • 4 cleats
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Voltmeter
  • Signal horn
  • Navigation lights, cockpit lights, and horn control keys
  • Audio-preparation with two
  • waterproof speakers
  • Steering hydraulic servo
  • Forward and reverse control
  • Ignition switch
  • 12 Volt sockets – 3 pcs.
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Cockpit illumination
  • Parking light
  • Running lights
  • Steering wheel
  • Upholstered captain's armchair
  • 2 locker sofas with upholstered seats
  • 3 single upholstered locker seat
  • 2 cupholders
  • Removable table
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