Electric boat


3,05 *

Length Boat

1,75 *

Width Boat

2x0,46 *

Motor power

3 *

Passenger capacity (persons)


Hull length: 3,05 m

Hull width: 1,75 m

Draught: 0,30 m

Weight of the vessel complete with an outboard motor: 160 kg

Engine power: 2x0,46 HP

Fuel capacity: 2 batteries 4-6 hours

Max speed: 6.5 km/h

Passenger capacity: 3 persons

Navigation area: difficulty IV category V (marine area or inland waterway with a 1% occurrence wave height of 0.25 meters)


Eco-friendly and noiseless E-Motion boats are driven by two electric motors with the total power of 0.92 HP. that can be operated in all environmental reservoirs. In the 21st century, the world is heading for the ecological safety of water bodies, boats with gasoline engines are prohibited in many areas.


Electric boats are equipped with emergency power switches with clip-on-the-cord assemblies. The cord of the emergency switch is intended for emergency tripping of motors (if the shipdriver falls overboard) and disconnecting power supply in the boat. The protection frame protects the housing of electric motors and propulsive screws from underwater objects and shoals during movement of the boat. Protection is made of stainless steel and is located in the area of the motors. The hull is equipped with an automatic bilge pump and buoyancy blocks with the displacement of 500 kg., which makes the boat virtually unsinkable.


E-Motion boats are mainly focused on comfort: quiet operation, ergonomic seat shape that allows enjoying the water trip in the most convenient position. For the sake of convenience, the boat is fitted with a music center with radio and an MP3 player, as well as a waterproof stereo speaker system with USB and AUX sockets. A quickly installed sunscreen with arcs and cover is provided for protection from the scorching rays of the sun.

Trim level
  • The boat hull assembly
  • 2 0.34 kW (0.46 HP) each stationary electric motors with propulsive screw assembly
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • 2 engine and propeller protections (stainless steel)
  • Onboard charger
  • Charger cable
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Emergency power-off switch
  • Radio with an MP3 player and USB and AUX interfaces
  • Sound system
  • Radio antenna
  • Remote control joystick
  • Guard railing around the perimeter of the vessel
  • 2 cleats
  • 3 transport eyebolts
  • 2 cupholders
  • Oars with oarlocks
  • 2 oarlock sockets
  • Drain plug on the transom
  • The soft upholstery of seats
  • Awning with arches and cover assembly
  • Awning for transportation and storage
  • Operation manual


  • Hand truck for transportation and storage
  • 90-105 A/h battery


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